About Us

Terence Facey Furniture Designer for Oak & Iron Furniture

I sell my furniture all over the world and for a long time I had a showroom in America at the High Point Furniture Show; the largest furniture and furnishings trade event in the world, where in our category we were three time winners of Best in Show.

Here in the UK, we’ve also built a reputation for our design and the quality of our work, which for many years has been bought by the Foreign Office for British embassies around the world.

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“I’ve been a furniture designer and maker for over 40 years, though I started out restoring antiques. When you work on pieces like a Charles II veneered cabinet in yew or walnut, or a Georgian mahogany table, you get a real insight into just how beautiful wood can be in the hands of a craftsman.

I particularly loved creating ‘oyster veneers’. These are thin slices of wood cut from the ends of logs and then arranged into concentric circles. It’s something of a lost art, but I see the same pattern in the ends of the oak we use today.


Oyster veneer mirror made by Terence Facey Furniture Designer


Our brand name Oak & Iron represent our latest ranges of furniture, which we are very proud of. Each piece is lovingly made by hand at our workshop in Surrey. If you’d like to see what we do there, the address is on our Contact page, along with our email details and phone number.”

Terence Facey